GOTC Catering is born out of rock-n-roll. We started backstage in the green rooms of musicians and on the buffet tables of crew meals. The simple principal was to pamper stars as they were accustomed while also taking pride in what is being fed to the support staff, the crew that makes the show possible. GOTC means to Get Off The Couch. Commit to the level of excellence that your guests deserve. That your staff deserve. That you deserve. 



GOTC Catering had really been making food for the stars for years before officially laying stakes in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood in 2012. The name sprouts from the popular singer-songwriter showcase created and managed by the founders: Sam Wahl, Jeni Wahl, & Keith Carlson. The Nashville style in-the-round showcase was a great way to experience musicians working in Chicago, and if you were the lucky group that was in the know get to the after party and eat the amazing food coming out of the kitchen. 

Suddenly the creative food coming out of the kitchen for parties after the show was appearing at baby showers, graduation parties, and backstage at concerts. The insanity had to end, shared kitchen spaces were no longer cutting the cake. GOTC Catering was going to need it's own kitchen. One was found, in a great up and coming blue collar neighborhood: Pilsen. The location we found had an amazing walk-up shop location where we opened up   Dia De Los Tamales, revolutionary tamales we created from recipes we experimented with for catering events.

With over 60 years of combined catering and special events experience, we managed to find ourselves with knowledge of a plethora of areas encompassing the special events arena. Jeni Wahl brings over a decade of cooking experience to the equation along with vast experience with the entertainment industry managing events on small and grand stages alike. 

Sam Wahl has experience in banquets from vast corporate catering experience and grand weddings, to simpler casual events. Sam managed the tours of some of today's most popular artists, managing national and international tour locations. 

Keith Carlson possesses classical culinary training along with over two decades of catering experience in the social and corporate markets. Keith is adept at event design and creating wonderful experiences for guests.