Pushing the Party Limits


GOTC Catering was proud to produce the surprise party to beat all surprise parties. 10 hours of over the top entertainment for a lucky couple hundred people in late summer of 2017.

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The Food

Feasts for the Eyes & The Bellies

Food is always the fun part of events, and this was no exception. Our guest of honor is a sushi lover and an adventurous eater. From the beginning it was fun to put together the extensive menu from the exotic sliders of bison, ostrich, & venison, to boar belly tacos and alligator fritters. Plenty of options were to be had for the more timid eater as well, with a french fry bar sporting all shapes, sizes, and flavors of fried regular and sweet potatoes, as well as a mashed potato bar. Action was to be had with a suckling pig rotating on the spit throughout the afternoon and wild mushroom risotto served in a wheel of parmiggiano reggiano to wow the guests.

Small Capicola.jpg




Small Salad.jpg

Salad Bar Supreme!

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Action Station


Fun for the Kids!

(Of all ages of course!)

With a decent number of children in attendance at the event, we setup a number of activities to keep them happy during the day. Access to a pool helped, but the bounce houses, video game trailer, and jumbo sized Galaga machine definitely helped keep all the little ones entertained.


Jumbo Chess


Video Game Trailer

Jumbo Pacman


Bounce Houses


decor and more

Transforming Everyday into One Special Day

We helped design a cohesive party theme to let people know where the fun was at, and instructive signage to keep people out of where they shouldn't be. With entertainment and activities in front, in back, on the side, inside, under 5 tents, and even across the road and up in the sky, we were able to put touches of fun throughout the property to dazzle the guests and keep the party rocking. 

SMall tables.jpg

Party in the Front



Creative Floral

Mike49_0859 (1).jpg

Party in the Back



The party truly was an epic undertaking that couldn't have been completed without amazing employees and wonderful vendors. The following is a slideshow with a sampling of even more amazing party activities that made the day one to remember for all in attendance. 

The culmination of the entire day of awesome was a rock show by the band Knuckle Puck on the driveway, truly a rocking way to end the night. Guests had their pick of a several late night food options with coal fired pizza, Dia De Los Tamales, and more while sipping on craft beers and rocking out. The band themselves used the amazing day to put together a little music video that we think highlights the festivities quite nicely. Enjoy!

Do you want to host your own event with some of the same options, or all of the same options, or more? We love putting on custom events to please our clients. Contact us today!

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