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The Most Special Events


Custom Menus

Rates starting at $10/person

Break from the norm. Have your cake and eat it too. GOTC Catering LOVES creating your custom menu for your event. Big or small, we're ready to create your perfect menu based on more than just your budget, but your wants, needs, and desires. We take into account every facet of your event, from dietary needs to childhood favorites, to present you with the options that will make your eyes dance and your mouth water. No need to be restricted by plated or buffet meals, you'll be able to choose options that make your event come alive. 

 Wild Mushroom Risotto in Parmiggiano Reggiano Wheel with Grated Fresh Truffle

Wild Mushroom Risotto in Parmiggiano Reggiano Wheel with Grated Fresh Truffle

 A Heck of Birthday Party

A Heck of Birthday Party


Event Planning

Rates starting at $100/hour

Looking for a real amazing event? Why try to get a one-size-fits-all solution when your event is anything but ordinary. We can source and coordinate all of the vendors you need to have the best pick of suppliers to fit the style and decor of your event. From bands and balloons, to tents and trapeze artists, we'll help you find the perfect touches for your event and coordinate them into one smooth program. Let us handle the hassle of planning so you can enjoy your event. 


sushi Rates starting at $1000

Exclusive catering partnership with the amazing Mitch Kim. The sushi he creates is both beautiful and delectable. Trays and platters available to add an extra flair to any event. Live sushi stations allow your guests to experience the creation of their sushi in person, hand-crafted by the masters themselves. Classic sushi options as well as creative twists and amazing combinations, this sushi is sure to amaze.

 The master at work

The master at work


"Wow, congratulations on a great party!  It was an awesome event and it seemed like your guests were all having a wonderful time. 

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